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CIVIL SP is a company based in Torrevieja that offers its services to clients across the East coast of Spain. Our main focus is with international clients who would like to acquire a property (under construction, new build or previously owned) in Spain, and our aim is to ensure that our clients are able to purchase the property they have chosen, that it is free of any debts, properly registered in the name of the seller and is in possession of all the correct permits and licences, protecting our client’s interests throughout the buying process from the constructions to the registering in the Land Registry and the signing of the deeds.

With CIVIL Sp you can count on a multidisciplinary legal team which will help you avoid the many pitfalls of purchasing a property in Spain thus protecting your investment.

Furthermore, should you have any type of legal problem in Spain, we will advise you, attempt to resolve the problem amicably and, should that not be possible, we will represent you before the Courts.



Good at their job

Michael Kelly Avatar Michael Kelly
28 de July de 2022

Civil SP were highly efficient and professional. They helped us to buy the property in Spain. Reme was extremly quick with NIE number and helpful with explanation of all other aspects. Cristina got us through the legal process of conveyancing and administration, electricity, water etc. Thank you All!

Magdalena Gancarz Avatar Magdalena Gancarz
15 de April de 2022

I came into contact with Civl SP through friends. AFTER a conversation with the lawyer, it became clear that clarity is the key here. I got an overview of the work and costs and after the work was completed there was not a cent difference. There is also a quick and adequate response. Thanks and hope meet again. suresh

Suresh GPanday Avatar Suresh GPanday
15 de April de 2022

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For our great professionalism and quality of our service we are recommended by the Irish consulate in Alicante

For our great professionalism and quality of our service we are recommended by the British consulate

Consulat Belge Alicante

In the Civil SP law firm, due to the large number of Belgian clients and our professionalism, we are included in the list of the Belgian Consulate in Spain, reflecting our commitment to legal excellence. With international experience, a personalized approach, and a wide range of services, we position ourselves as your comprehensive legal partner for matters in Spanish and Belgian jurisdictions.

Civil SP is register in Uk Law Society

We are also recommended by EUIPO


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